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Eat With Intent--Sabertooth Diet Part One

The Sabertooth Diet will teach you a new set of eating habits and philosophies. I wrote this to help you wrap your mind around the role that food should have in your life. The Sabertooth Diet, will take your body back in time...a leaner, fitter, faster time when we relied on speed, agility, and quick wits to survive as a species.

Your body is an amazing thing. It fully replaces itself on a regular basis. Aside from its regenerative abilities, the body is the only engine that gets better the harder that you work it...amazing. The food that you eat contains the building blocks of every single part of your body. The adage  "You are what you eat" could not be more factual. You are composed exclusively from things that you eat. You owe it to yourself to eat the right things so that you can build the best, strongest, leanest, healthiest body possible. Working out is not enough. At least 50% of fitness occurs in the kitchen. You can't out-train a bad diet, and you can't outrun a fork.

It's really not fair when you consider that nearly everything that you use comes with a set of instructions. The human body is the one thing that we use every single second of every single day. It's nearly absurd that we are not provided with a manual regarding its care and feeding.  What makes the journey more treacherous is that most of the food in the supermarket is not designed to help you achieve your goals. Think of Sabertooth Fitness as that instruction manual for the care and feeding of the human body so that you can unlock and realize your full potential. I have spent years of reading, researching, independent discovery, and trial and error. At the insistence of my friends, I was compelled to distill what I have learned and practice every single day  into a simple plan for easily and inexpensively providing the human body with all of the nutrients and fuel that it needs to perform at its absolute best at any age. It is never too late to start. Remember, your body is continuously replacing itself. It's always a good time to quit smoking, and it's always a good time to eat properly.

What Happened To Us?

We evolved to utilize a wide range of nutrient sources in very efficient ways. The efficiency is why we store excess calories as fat rather than simply not using them at all. Unfortunately, for modern humans, our wiring predisposed us to seek out and indulge in luxury foods...foods high in sugar and/or fat. Once in very short supply, these calorie-dense foods can presently be found as easily and cost-effectively as the nutritious, vitamin-packed foods, which should be the staple of your healthy, human diet. No one told our highly-efficient bodies that the world had changed, however. That is why we are fat. Over 66% of us (in the U.S.) are overweight, obese, or worse.  It is through understanding the place and purpose of food, and by changing our eating habits, that we can begin the process of properly fueling these amazing machines that are our bodies

When I was a child, I saw a sign in a health food store, which read, "Diet cures what diet causes." Here is how to use food as a means to propel yourself forward rather than as a means to inadvertently hold yourself back. The Sabertooth Diet is not just a weight loss plan, it is a nutritional system designed to give your body all of the things that it needs to reach its full potential. It is designed not only to show you what and how to eat, but to educate you so that you can modify the diet to make healthy choices of your own. This was not written to preach or criticize. It was written to provide you with the blueprint for healthy eating based upon what human bodies have previously thrived upon when everything was on the line for our species. Some examples of what to expect from your body once you provide it with proper nutrition are the following:   

  • More energy
  • No periodic sugar crashes
  • Improved endurance
  • Improved concentration
  • More strength
  • Better mood
  • Sounder and more refreshing sleep
  • A heightened sense of well-being
  • Healthy and sustainable fat loss
  • Healthy and sustainable muscle gain
  • Decreased bloating

How To Eat

Eat With Intent

Food is fuel.  Food is a tool.  
Food has a purpose.
Food is nutrition.
Food is not the goal. It is merely the means to achieve a healthy goal.

Know what is going into your will be with you for a very long time. Know your nutrients....know your food. If you don’t know why you are eating it and how it will benefit you, then don’t eat it.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Would the healthy, lean version of me eat this?
  • Will eating this make me better, stronger, leaner, or faster?  
  • Do I have a basic understanding of the nutrients in this?
  • Could I outrun a sabertooth tiger with this in my belly?

If you can’t answer “Yes” to at least 3 of these questions, then put it down, and make a better and more intentional food choice. Yes, it’s always a choice, and your food choices are yours and yours alone to make. Decide to make good choices, and good choices will become your habit.

Have you ever seen an obese snake? Of course not. You have to imagine that rats must taste pretty awful, but you have never seen a snake complain about that. It is time to eat functionally rather than just for flavor. The old saying is that nothing tastes as good as being fit feels. It’s an old saying for a reason. It is one of the truest things ever said.

The enjoyment of the flavors from sugar and fat are part of your primitive programming to indulge in scarce foods when they were available. Those foods are no longer scarce, and your programming is holding you back from being your best.

Next installment.....Small, Frequent Meals

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