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What Is SABER?

Everyone is born an athlete. You are an athlete--it's my mission to remind your body what it was built to do.

You are amazing. This is a fact. You were born amazing. You are the DIRECT descendant of the tenacious humans that survived the toughest period in human history. Your ancestors outran, outwitted, and outlasted the scariest mammalian apex predators to ever walk the earth, and that was during an Ice Age...and they successfully hunted wooly mammoths with spears! You were born to beat the Sabertooth Tiger. Supreme fitness is your is encoded into every cell of your body. Take back what is already yours!

Your ancestors were amazing, because they had to be. They got there through high-intensity, functional, multi-joint movements. The Supramaximal Athlete Building Exercise Regimen (SABER) protocol is all about functional fitness, and SABER replicates the speed and intensity of your ancestors fight for survival. Everything that we are going to do is designed to get you to where you want to be as efficiently and effectively as possible. The routines that you will perform have been tested and perfected for years and over 100s of classes. SABER, in short, is a series of sets of an exercise(s) involving short bursts of maximal, flat-out, redline effort followed by a "rest" period.  Short Sprint, Recover, Repeat. Frequent and intense guided activity along with active recovery is the basis of the protocol. SABER is how you will get it done.

I spent years researching fitness and nutrition...cracking the code. This protocol has worked on a LOT of people. You don't have to go it alone. Your age doesn't matter. Your starting fitness level doesn't matter. EVERYONE is capable of being in the best shape of their lives this year. If you let me guide you--you will get there. You will become that amazingly athletic person that you were born to be. Let's demystify's not complicated.

Post-beach boot camp breakfast with some of my athletes.
The gains and benefits that you can expect:
  • An injury-proofed body
  • Faster
  • Leaner
  • Stronger
  • Higher energy levels
  • Positive re-enforcement 
  • Increased Bone Density
  • Stronger Ligaments
  • Healthier Cartiliage
  • Improved Hormone Levels
  • Anti-Aging 
  • Low Inflammatory Diet
  • Fun--it's intense, and it going to be difficult, but you are going to have fun.
  • Challenged--no matter what your fitness level, you will be presented with the correct level of challenge to make you a better athlete.
  • Customized training
    • I work around areas of concern
    • I focus on hitting your goals
    • All the nutrition advice that you want
    • No repeat workouts.
You don't need a gym, but you can certainly train SABER at one.  You don't need machines. You don't need weights.  You will never curl or squat your way out of a jam. You will be doing very few single-joint/single-muscle movements, to avoid developing an unbalanced and unnatural physique. You will be challenged with functional, tactical, natural, multi-joint/muscle movements that are designed to bring out the best version of you that is hidden inside. With Sabertooth Fitness, you will learn that the world is your training facility.  

Show up and train!  Excellence is on it's way.

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