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Boot Camps

Sabertooth Fitness offers 10 boot camps every week! 

Beginner/Intermediate Classes: 

Train with Sabertooth Fitness on iconic Venice Beach. Let's do an intense and fun 55-minute Boot Camp of High-Intensity Body-Weight routines, Circuit Training, some Resistance Band training, lots of Core work (Yoga and Pilates), and a range of Active Recovery routines. Oh, and our gym has dolphins!

Your coach, Pete Neumann, has been holding boot camps for 7 years. During that time, we've had lots of success stories--turned out lots of fit humans--and had lots of good times on the sand! You're going to have fun while really improving your fitness.

You only need to bring your sweat towel, some fresh water, a good reason to get fit, and a bunch of
determination. Sabertooth Fitness will provide everything that you need. Equipment, instruction, ENCOURAGEMENT!

Location: We will meet at or very near the Lifeguard Tower out on Venice Beach (Navy Tower), which is in line with Navy Court. The closest street address for your GPS would be 134 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA.

Call or text 239-822-8447 if you need additional info. Email:

Parking: There's always metered parking on Main (free before 8:00 AM). There is usually parking on the side streets.


Monday: 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM

Wednesday: 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM

Friday: 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM

*These classes are included in the Beginner/Intermediate Groupon deal(s).
**$10 drop-in fee.

Intermediate/Advanced Classes:

If you are looking to challenge yourself with the toughest boot camps in Los Angeles, then step right up!  Sabertooth Fitness offers 4 very challenging boot camp classes each week. The official schedule, locations, parking info, etc. for these classes can be found HERE. 

Tuesday: 6:30 PM Penmar Recreation Center, Venice

Thursday: 6:30 PM Lincoln Middle School Track, Santa Monica

Saturday: 8:30 AM Navy Lifeguard Tower, Venice Beach

Sunday: 8:00 AM Top of the Santa Monica Stairs, Los Angeles

*These classes are not included in the Beginner/Intermediate Groupon deal(s).
**$5 drop-in fee.

Call or text 239-822-8447 if you need additional info. Email:

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