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Pete will beat you down like you stole something.....which means it's a very good workout =). The positive group energy is a definite plus! ” 
Rex T.

" Most of my focus has been on strength training and lifting in the gym and I was looking for ways to mix things up and work on endurance. This workout was hard, but I'll definitely go back for more! ” 
 Eric B.

" Pete was awesome! He got me moving and sweating, utilizing my strengths and working on my weaknesses. It's now a few hours after our workout and I'm feeling good, motivated, and excited for my next workout with him. " 
 Jennifer S.

" Pete is an excellent trainer. He tailored a demanding circuit/interval training workout to my goal of increasing my fitness and conditioning for tennis. He had me sweating! If you want a trainer who is knowledgeable and professional, who provides challenge and encouragement, I highly recommend Pete " 
Kara N.

A fantastic workout (that's somehow very painful and a lot of fun simultaneously)! " 
Cindy H.

I have had trainers off and on for the majority of time that I have been a working professional and without question Pete is the BEST trainer that I have ever had. He is kind, patient, understanding, hilarious, motivating, encouraging and beyond empathetic at every stage of my development. Plus, I am amazed at not only what my body looks like but I am amazed at what I have seen I am capable of doing as a result of working with him. I came to him after significant weight gain and frankly although I knew I needed to get back in the saddle I was discouraged, had lost faith in myself and frankly had given up. Pete has raised the bar for me in terms of competence needed in a great trainer - he is SO knowledgeable and informed that I have learned more about the mechanics of my eating, body and recovery as a result. I still get nervous about workouts ahead of time yet those nerves are far outweighed by my sense of accomplishment when we are done. I am incredibly grateful that I have the opportunity to work out with someone I can now trust as an athletic expert - I can reach my goals with his support and it is such a great feeling to know that. If he has an opportunity to train you, you should grab the chance.

Pete is beyond the best trainer. Most supportive, knowledgeable, kind person that gets permanent results quickly. Love Pete!

From Facebook...

"Want to know my secret for *really* being fit overall? If you're in the LA area, you have to checkout Sabertooth Fitness and Pete Neumann. Before joining 18 months ago I was in the gym lifting heavy 5+ days a week, and was strong and in good shape, but my cardio game suffered big time.

Now, fast-forward 18 months and I'm quantifiably stronger and faster than ever. It sounds unreal but I'm now lifting weights about once every 7-10 days and am still lifting at very high levels on bench, deadlift and squat and still breaking records. The 2-3 days of the Sabertooth HIIT/Tabata workouts a week have really kicked things into gear.

And, equally important now my endurance and cardio improvements are off the charts: close to running my mile time back in high school, my average HR during 5k and 10k runs has dropped about 20 BPMs (10k now? no sweat), and these Sabertooth workouts will get you tough enough to do a Tough Mudder or Spartan race.

The Sabertooth workouts are tough, but absolutely doable by people at different levels of fitness. And, most importantly Pete and the rest of the crew at the workouts are fantastic! We have fun, work hard and get results! If you're looking to get in better shape, or add some balance like myself and want to become more well-rounded with both strength and cardio, come and check Sabertooth out." 
Eric B.

Guys if you're in LA and you wanna get the best out of yourself hit this guy up. Best workouts I've had since mat drills at UNI. Pete Neumann is a positive beast!
Brad F.

LA friends! Can't say enough superlative things about this Boss and Beast of (Mental and) Physical Fitness, the inimitable Pete Neumann. I'm regularly afraid of him, while also amused by him, thanks to encouragement mantras like "you can sleep when you're dead!" and "rest while you're in the air!" Check out Sabertooth Fitness or join us at the beach, the track, the park or the stairs! You may spend 3 days with your T-Rex arms protruding out of an ice bath after your first workout, but you'll be back at it in no time...
Jenn H.

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